Guest Post #9 (All About Pilates)

Hey Jessielovestorun readers! I’m Rachel, and the girl behind the blog RachRachBoBach. In my blog I cover everything, from my love of running, delicious food, my obsession with cats, and of course my family. I tel my readers you will 100% most definitely see a picture of my breakfast everyday. 

When Jessie mentioned she was looking for guest posts, I jumped on it because not only do I love her blog and reading about her awesome runs, but I have recently found something that has helped mine!

What’s that you ask?

What is Pilates??

Pilates is basically a form of exercises that focus on core strength, flexibility, and awareness with the body.

(When I thought of Pilates in the past, I always related it to by friend who was a hard core ballerina because she did it on her “off” days)

Back in the day (aka: Freshman year of college) I used to do Pilates all the time. Every single morning I would wake up, put on my podcast, and stretch. It was awesome! And for some reason, I stopped… that was until recently where I realized I wanted to incorporate some strength into my routine that wasn’t too strenuous.

So Pilates it was! And what has it done for me?

For one

I am more flexiable… but I think that’s a given when it comes to Pilates or yoga

But somehow, this new found flexibility has made me faster runner… and cut down on my mileage time!!


I’ve also been breathing better… for someone who suffers from asthma.

And I’ve been getting some killer muscles… ok, not so killer, but they’re getting there!


 Overall, I’ve been having an awesome experience by adding Pilates back into my normal routine and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, who, like me, doesn’t always like lifting heavy weights

Stop by sometime at RachRachBoBach, and say hi. We can chat about running, Pilates, and how I take way too many pictures of my breakfasts



4 thoughts on “Guest Post #9 (All About Pilates)

  1. I love Pilates for how it strengthebs and tones my body as well stretching it and making it more flexible. I’ve recently started to introduce yoga into my routine. I love how Pilates and yoga leave me feeling envigorated.

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  3. I love Pilates (I even teach it at my college)! There was a period that I neglected Pilates because it’s not a super intense or sweaty workout but now that I’ve started doing it more regularly I’ve seen such a different in more core strength and my posture!

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