Guest Post #7 (Zumba)

Hey Everyone!

My name is Eva and I am the blogger behind Committed2Nutrition. I am totally stoked to be writing on Jessie’s blog…how cute is she?! Thanks, Jessie, for this opportunity!


Let’s get started!

So if anyone even glances at my blog, the first thing you would realize is that I am a Zumba-holic. It is no secret I am Zumba® obsessed. To start from the beginning, I was a dancer all through elementary school through High School, and in High School, I taught dance for the dancing school I belonged to. It was my passion, my life, and everything I lived for in my teen years. There was just no better feeling than being on stage performing under those bright lights.

Let’s fast-forward almost 8 years, yeah? I was living in Boston and pretty much hated my life. I was bored, unfulfilled, and missing my family back in CT where I am from. Sometimes these are secretly the best scenario’s to be in because it pushes you to make decisions to BETTER yourself. And that is exactly what I was on a mission for.

I took a Zumba class at the Boston Sports Club, and realized that I could almost teach it better than the instructor. I know, I am being cocky, but seriously, I had this like epiphany. I should be an Accountant by day, and Zumba Instructor by night. I liked the ring of that! Long story short, I signed up for the one day training in New Hampshire which enabled me to teach the minute the day was over. Boomtown.

The very next day, after training, I was immediately working on my playlist and learning routines. I practiced a good two months before I taught my first class. Playlist is so important.

The moral of all of this is, take a step back in life sometimes when you are miserable. Find a passion you want to pursue and no excuses…DO IT. Just do it! Ha, now I sound like a Nike ad. But you get what I am saying.

This also goes in hand with finding a work out you love to do so you can STICK with it. Consistency is always key here. I used to force myself to go to the gym 5 days a week and do my usual HIIT work outs on the Treadmill or ArcTrainer, then do weights, and then go to work. I was bored and this gets so monotonous after a while.

Discovering Zumba and my ability to teach it changed my whole work-out perspective. Whatdayaknow – working out did not have to be a chore. When eating becomes a diet or working out becomes some sort of HAVE-to-do instead of a want-to-do, these things never last. Diets fail, work-outs that you hate will fail, and then you are off track with your goals. Who wants that? Uhhh, not me, thankyouverymuch.

Ever since finding what I truly love to do and that is teaching Zumba part-time, 4 classes per week, I have never felt better about myself or my life. I have never had so much confidence as I have now. I never would have had the courage to start a blog and put so much of myself out there. Nor would I have met Nick, the love of my life, because I just did not have what it took to be in a relationship almost 2 years ago. I needed self-esteem and to learn to love myself, and Zumba helped me to achieve that.

What is Zumba, you may ask?

I like to call it “Cardio-fitness-dance that is Latin inspired”. My class is very much a “dance & work out class”. I grew up a dancer so my routines are very dance-based. I also now love love love all the Spanish music and listen to it often even when I am not teaching 🙂

With all of that said, a Zumba class ranges from 45-60 minutes (mine are about 58 minutes) depending on the gym, and you have to do at least these 4 rhythms: Cumbia, Merengue, Reggaeton, and Salsa. SO FUN!

⇑ Sample playlist from my Saturday, September 1st, class.

The biggest difference I have especially noticed in my body since teaching is my back definition and core/abs. You seriously work almost every single muscle. I do not use weights in my class, but since your arms are raised a lot in the movements, I can’t tell you how many times I wake up in the morning after teaching and my ARMS are sore! See? it works. I seriously have never felt better about myself body-wise, too.

Even my mama comes to Zumba! Isn’t she so cute?!

How do you go to your first class?

First: Ok, let me break this down and reassure all of you people out there too scared to go to your first Zumba class. THERE-IS-NOTHING-TO-BE-AFRAID-OF. A lot of people tell me they are intimidated to come to my class. Honestly, I can see why one may think that, but please be assured there is no reason to feel that way. First off, no one is looking at you trying to “zumba”; everyone is watching ME, the Instructor. And also, let’s be honest, everyone is vain, and they are checking themsevles out in the mirror, no one else, ha. So that is the biggest thing I want to remind all of you, no one is watching you. No one cares. Everyone either wants to look at themsevles in the mirror or at the instructor.

Second – grab a friend if you are too scared to go alone. I see people coming in groups all the time. It helps them feel more at ease.

Third – HYDRATE! Bring water, pace yourself, and make sure to drink drink drink. I have had someone pass out in class before because they did not drink water (or eat) for that matter before hand.

Fourth – Don’t take yourself too seriously. Just have fun. You may not look like the instructor when doing the routines, but I promise after just a few classes, you will absolutely catch on. Your hips don’t lie! (sorry, I had to, haha)

Fifth – DO NOT base your experience with Zumba on just one class. I know for a fact it takes a good 3-5 classes to really get a FEEL for it. So please be patient. A lot of my students come to my classes week after week, so they know my routines, and I hate to see someone get discouraged when they try my class for the first time and then want to give up. I promise it gets easier, like I said in #4. Just be patient, HAVE FUN, and go with it! Don’t take yourself so seriously!

Sixth – SMILE! I love to see your smiling faces, we are here to sweat, yes, but also have fun in the process. LET ME SEE THOSE TEETH!

Feel free to check out my FB page for videos:

To learn more about Zumba, check out my Zumba pages.

Thank you, Jessie, for letting me hijack your blog for a day. I hope you are having a great vacation! And thank you to everyone who read this 🙂

  • Any other Zumba lovers out there?!

17 thoughts on “Guest Post #7 (Zumba)

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    • Hey Laurie!! You definitely can do this with no coordination, that is the great thing about Zumba. I will be honest it takes a few classes to get it, but YOU WILL and I have people of ALL levels in my classes! That is what makes it so great 🙂

  2. There are so many good things in this post! I really appreciate your story about finding something you love to do and how doing it can change your life in a positive way. It is inspirational!

  3. Honestly, I don’t love zumba. ANd it’s not because it’s not a good workout or not fun – itz both of those things!! I just have NO rhythm and feel like a fool!! However, if a friend is teaching I will go because I do think it’s fun to try. Like, if you were teaching I’d totally go to your classes! 🙂

    • HAHAH I hear you is not for everyone.. but I’D LOVE to have you in one of my classes..the biggest thing I hear from people is this: “Eva, you look like you are having so much fun, its impossible not to have fun with you in class, despite not having rhythm or following well”.. ie, people see me having so much fun it rubs off on them, so I AM CONFIDENT you would love my class 🙂 cocky? why yes I am when it comes to teaching zumba!! LOL

  4. I do not even know the way I finished up right here, however I believed this post was great. I don’t recognize who you are however definitely you’re going to a famous blogger should you aren’t already. Cheers!

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