IT’S VACATION TIME + Guest Post #1

Happy Happy Friday!! Right now while most of you are sleeping, the husband and I are en route to Santorini Island, Greece!!! I can hardly wait to get there… after a drink or two at the Athens Airport during our layover that is, haha. It’s vacation, why waste anytime right???

Anyways though… can I just tell y’all that I’m going to miss you tons while I’m away. Because of that, I set up some wonderful guest posts for you to read for the next 10 days. All these girls are just amazing, so comment away & let them feel the loveee ❤

Taking Time to Smell the Roses    

Hello everyone, if you don’t know me I am Alex and I blog over at The Run Within. I am fairly new to blogging but what started as a ‘let me give this a go’ has developed into a deep passion for all things bloggy. (Yes, I made up a word – move on). I was pumped to write for Jessie as her and her hubby get some major relaxation time. Jealous to say the least. I tried to ship myself to them, no boxes could fit me. Plus, this fragile load just cost too much. Ha.

We have all heard the phrase ‘take time to smell the roses’. In most cases, it is driven in our heads when times are stressful, we are frantic and our patience is getting thin. Something I have come to learn about this phrase is that 1. it is so necessary in life and 2. our roses are all different.

My rose most definitely does not look like your rose. When I tell myself this phrase it means I need to find balance in my life, I need to smell that comfort of ‘have to’s’ and ‘want to’s’. Also, what I do to smell my roses is catered towards what keeps me grounded and brings me back to that moderation approach.

So what do I do to make sure I smell my roses?

  •  I break routine. I am such a type A person it hurts. But one thing I have learned is that when I take the time to do something spontaneous or maybe not exactly to schedule, I get a huge refreshing release. Whether that is waking up later, exploring a new area, whatever it may be.

  • I build in Alex time. Self-care in general is something I struggle with. I used to give myself no time for relaxation or just peace of mind. Now, I make sure I incorporate some sort de-stressing activity. Some of my favorites include a little walk, calling a friend, doing a craft or watching mindless TV. Me time.
  • I volunteer. College started me on this path of community service but it did wonders for me. It made me realize how much I should be grateful for and how much I can give to others. Just through the action of reaching outside myself, I can achieve this overwhelming warmth.
  • I laugh. You know me, I am a huge goof ball who rolls in sarcasm like a sugarcoated donut. You bet finding ways to laugh throughout my day are what keep me sane. Laugh, just do it.

 As I said, we are all different. Find your smell the roses moments. Find what leads to those moments and how to take full advantage of the time you have to smell the roses. Who doesn’t want a whiff of that beautiful aroma?


15 thoughts on “IT’S VACATION TIME + Guest Post #1

  1. What a pleasant surprise to find Alex here!! I’m definitely going to be keeping your tips in mind and slowing things down — I’ve been just SO on the go lately! It’s such an odd balance between staying too still and having life pass you by vs. moving too quickly and leaving life in your dust.
    Have a great vaca Jessie!! Can’t wait to see pictures of Santorini!! 🙂

  2. Alex! This is fantastic! One of the best posts of yours. I definitely have trouble with self-care as well (well, healthy self care, not lie in the bed with the shades pulled and not come out for several days or work myself into a manic frenzy “self-care”). Volunteering is great too!
    Miss you Jessie! I know you’re having the most AMAZING time!
    love you both very much!

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