Don’t mind me…

I’m a bit of a scattered brain today. I’m running on very little sleep at the moment, so beware this post will most likely be a mix of things.

After waking up from my whopping 5 hour nights rest (if you even wanna call it “rest”), I decided to make breakfast. It was a good one y’all.. any guesses? If you guessed Strawberry-Banana PB Smoothie you are absolutely correct. (sorry no prize to give out though :()


  • Made with 1/2 c. strawberries, 1 banana, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, 5 almond milk ice cubes & lots of ice.

I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve literally had one for breakfast every single morning this week. I’m half tempted to bring my blender a long with me on vacation just so I can continue this streak of deliciousness.

Moving on with my day. I was originally going to put off all packing until today (you know so my day will go by even quicker), but since I couldn’t fall asleep until one in the morning, I started it last night. I don’t think I’m the greatest packer at all (I used to be pretty decent at this too :(… mom I could really use your help right about now) considering I packed more bags than we had discussed. I’m thinking after I publish this post I’ll have to do some re-arranging to fit more in, because gosh forbid we have to take anything out!

Okay back to my day… err I keep getting myself side-tracked. I packed a little bit more (just a tiny bit), I started working on setting up all the guest posts that will be happening on the page while I’m gone. My goodness, I didn’t realize it was so time-consuming. I guess being away for 10 days will do that though.

Afterwards, I decided to head to the gym for one last run before vacation. I actually almost didn’t go because I was completely exhausted, like could barely crawl outta bed tired. But like they say…

&& whoever invented that quote was exactlyΒ right. I had an awesome 9 mile run, and I even incorporated some hills. Gotta get ready for the D.C. Rock n Roll Half-Marathon in March that I’m coming to the states to run in. Rumor has it (Alex told me) that they added some hills to the run this year.. boo!

I came home, ate lunch & showered. I was dreading the shower because I had to shave. Ugh, seriously please tell me all of you hate shaving too? I sometimes wish that my leg hairs would just stop growing & I’d never have to worry about them again. I just don’t think it’s fair one bit that guys don’t have: periods, cramps, leg/armpits..etc to shave, or have to push out a baby. I mean really, how did we end up getting so un-lucky??

Now I’m sitting back in bed (yes I do realize I should be packing) writing this post & wishing I had a robot that could do all my work for me, and a nice leg massage would be nice too!

Oh yeah I forgot to tell y’all, at my dentist appointment the other day they told me I’d most likely need another root canal on the other tooth(lovely right?), and it’s also a good idea to get a crown put on my tooth I just had fixed. That’s all fine and dandy, but whenever both procedures cost $1,000.00 it’s kind of a turn off lol. Seriously, do they think I have a money tree in my backyard that I water everyday??

Funny story.. When I was younger I actually planted a dollar bill in the ground in hopes it would grow.. I watered it and everything. Sadly, I didn’t become a dollar richer :(.

Alright, now that I’ve waisted a couple minutes of your life that you won’t ever get back (#sorryi’mnotsorry), I really need to get more things crossed off my “To-Do” list. First things first, I need to paint my nails πŸ™‚



65 thoughts on “Don’t mind me…

  1. Have fun!! And I’m going to be blending that smoothie up sometime soon for sure!
    I’m not a huge fan of shaving either — but I use it to stretch just that little bit more. I have to say though, wearing compression socks has become the perfect way to procrastinate the task at least one extra day.

  2. I’m SO SO excited for you to run your rock n roll half marathon jessie!!! I ran the chicago rock n roll this past summer and it was AWESOME. You will be amazing πŸ™‚ Enjoy your vacation, I will miss reading your posts each day 😦

  3. I’m sad your dollar didn’t grow into a tree! Imagine how awesome it would be if it did haha. You would have solved all the worlds problems! Glad you went for a run, it’s always worth it in the end! Have a great vacation.

  4. Ok wait…hold on….HOLD ON. You’re gonna be in D.C. in March??? I might have to sign up for that race just so we can have a blogger meet up! I mean I’m super slow and won’t be able to keep up with y’all on the run but it would be so much fun πŸ™‚

    P.S. absolutely love that frenchie

  5. LOVE your dollar tree story! Too cute!

    And yes, I hate shaving too! I want to win the lottery so I can afford laser hair removal. LOL!

    Roll your clothes so you fit more in bags. Always works for me. I cram my suitcase full. Have a FABULOUS trip and can’t wait to hear about it!

  6. I hear you on shaving… I have blond hairs and occasionally skip it…shhhh! Don’t tell anyone. πŸ™‚ Have an awesome trip!!

  7. How cute you are!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and the compliment on the food pics! I love your blog; you remind me of me! Maybe not the best thing but we seem to think alike! πŸ™‚ I love your photo of reality #20 and I’m stealing it (have stolen it) to post on my blog and on FB!

    Shaving… hate it as much as I do getting my nails done and putting gas in my car. They are all impositions. funny story though.. as a blond I get a little lazy sometime about shaving the legs but when I wore shorts the other day — was driving and the sunlight through the window hit my legs — I was horrified!! I had gorilla legs!!!

    • Awe thank you so much hunnie.. you are to way to sweet!! Oh feel free to take whatever your little heart desires <3. Ha Ha I'm with you having blonde hair and then when the sun "glistens" upon them you really see how bad you need tos have lol.

  8. I totally get you on the shaving thing. Guys have it WAY easier. Have a super awesome vacation!! Can’t wait to see some pictures when you get back! πŸ™‚ x

  9. I hate shaving with a passion. HATE it. One of the only things that I like about winter is the fact that I don’t have to shave as much!

    Have an incredible vacation!

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