Thankful Tuesday #2

Happy Tuesday. It’s another addition of Thankful Tuesday. So let’s get started

I’m thankful for… My In-laws. I’ve been blessed with not just one set, but two sets of in-laws. Both families are beyond amazing. They’ve given me the most wonderful husband to share my life with. They’ve accepted me for the person I am, and have welcomed me into their families with wide open arms. They are such kind, loyal, fun & heartwarming people. They’ve been there for me when I needed a good laugh or a hug when I was feeling lousy. I know that not everyone married couple gets along with his or her in-laws, and I feel grateful that even with distance between us, our bond still remains just as strong, if not stronger. I know it’s not easy on them with Joshua & me living oceans away… but trust me, if I was rich I’d fly them here in a heartbeat. Bev, Leo, Michelle & Steve: Thank you for all the wonderful memories we’ve made throughout the years. Love you all ❤

I’m thankful for… Having a roof over my head. To some of you this may seem like a dumb “thankful for”, but if you think about it… is it really? With the way the economy has been over the years, many people have lost their jobs, and without a job what income do you have? It’s heartbreaking when you hear stories of people who have lost their home because of it, who are now living in a shelter. I can’t help but feel sorry for them, especially for the children. No one deserves that life. This goes back to a previous post of mine about not taking things in life for granite. One day you can have it all, and the next it can be taken from you. I can’t put it into words how thankful I am for the job my husband has. It supports us, and lets us live life to a certain way.

I’m thankful for… Sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell & taste. Sight for letting me see what the world has to offer in color. Hearing for the “I love you” my husband tells me day in & day out. Touch for letting me feel the rain on a rainy day, the wind on a windy day, certain textures of everyday life. Smell for the beautiful scent of candles & perfumes. Taste for letting me enjoy the sweetness in fruits, the spices in Mexican dishes, and the savory in vegetables & meat.



  • Whats your favorite song @ the moment?
  • Is there a quote in life you live by?

48 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday #2

  1. One of my favourite quotes is a simple one: “The waist is a terrible thing to mind. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” — It reminds me to stop obsessing about the small things but to focus more on the bigger, worldwide picture. My worries are much better placed in less petty things than myself and my appearance.
    My current favourite song is probably “My Body” by Young the Giant. I absolutely love when it starts playing during my long runs. 🙂

  2. How wonderful to be blessed with such wonderful in-laws! My husband and I both come from small families and both have wished they were larger. You lucked out with getting not only one but TWO sets that you really like. That is awesome!!

  3. Such a nice post! 🙂 I’m thankful for my in-laws too. It saddens me when people don’t get along with their in-laws. My hubs and I are both incredibly lucky to have such supportive, loving parents. And they get along with each other… sometimes they go out with each other and we don’t even get an invite!! haha

  4. Great post – I was also blessed with wonderful in-laws!
    I love fitness and health quotes. “Strive for progress, not perfection” and “wake up with determination. go to bed with satisfaction.”
    And when I’m finishing up a run and its gets hard, I always think “you can do anything for 30 seconds”

  5. I love the song Some Night by Fun right now. Quotes wise… “we must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us”. – coming from a true planner!

  6. These are all such great points! My favorite quote, well not really quote but more of a mantra, is not to wish my life away… we can get so wrapped up in “I wish this was now” or “I can’t wait til…” that we forget to live in the moment.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. I have the worst habit of trying to plan ahead in life and forget to just breath & take a second to live in that particular moment. It’s always a good reminder from time to time.

  7. It is so great that you genuinely love and get along with your in-laws. I love my boyfriends family too (even though they are pretty crazy- haha). A lot of people don’t have that, so you are definitely very fortunate 🙂

  8. That’s so great that you get along so well with your in-laws 🙂 I don’t have in-laws yet, but I know how hard it can be when you don’t get along with your bfs parents lol lately I’ve loved the quote “live by the sun..” it kinda reminds me to live in the moment… I tend to be a dreamer :p

  9. I really needed this post today because I’ve been feeling a bit run down with all the traveling and social activities. I really need to be thankful for everything I have! My bf’s in-laws come from a VERY different place than where I am from (they live in rural West Virginia) but are super nice. I sometimes feel like a bit of an outsider when we go to visit but I have realized that it’s ok to feel that way. I am who I am and I am sure that my bf feels that way when he goes to visit my family in Ann Arbor, MI

    • Claire, I’m so glad this helped you today. That makes me so happy. One set of my in-laws are completely different than my own parents, so I can relate to you in certain aspects. Joshua came from a busier town, where I came from the woods. So I know how awkward it can be from time to time in different situations. I’m sure your boyfriends parents love you for you, and would never judge you upon where you came from… if anything, they may like you a bit more :). So smile, and just embrace life & take it as it is ❤

  10. I love your thankful tuesday’s! always fun to read and get to know you more. I am so glad to hear how well you get along with in-laws. I’ve seen some bad situations. A quote I live by is “never regret anything you’ve done, because at one point, it was what you wanted”. It has gotten me through EVERY rough situation I have put myself in, ha!

  11. I love that you have great in-laws! That’s no easy thing to find, I hear. I have a hard enough time dealing with my own extended family sometimes, haha. Okay, okay, but YES, I AM thankful for them all 🙂

  12. Your words are so beautiful, and this post is such a wonderful reminder that it’s the little things in life–those things we take for granted–that are our greatest blessings. You’re so blessed to have a strong, supportive and loving family, and they’re equally as blessed to have you in their lives!

    One of my favorite quotes is this: “DANCE as though no one is watching you; LOVE as thought you have never been hurt before; SING as though no one can hear you; LIVE as though heaven is on earth.” Whenever I discover a new quote, I write it down in my quote book so that it’s always available when I need a little inspiration.

    Love ya, girl! ❤ xoxo

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