Here we go Penn State, Here we go!!

Dominos Pizza. Non-Alcoholic Beer. Hubby time.

Can it getย any better?? Well yes, if we had actual beer (haha!). It’s just nice to be able to pretend. If anyone is wondering, it does at least taste like beer. Hope everyone continues to have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


23 thoughts on “GAME DAY!!

  1. thanks for constantly sending so much love and positive vibes my way! It really means so much! I still can not get over that you can not drink in kuwait! CRAZYY! Enjoy the rest of your weekend girl ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No need to thank me hunnie!…. yes it’s rather sad haha. It’s so weird bc when you go out to restaurants they’ll have “margaritas” on the menu.. but really it’s just juice & syrup pretty much, lol.. LAME!

  2. You look like you’re on the edge of your glory here with your hubs and your beer lol. You are seriously one of the cutest things ever!! As if there’s non alcoholic beer there though? What a tease!

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