Pictures of Kuwait

Since I don’t have much to say today, nor do I have much time since I have to head out the door within the next 20 minutes for my dentist appointment (eh, not looking forward to getting more dental work done). I thought I’d share a glimpse of what the surrounding areas around us look like. Enjoy 🙂


  • What did you have for dinner last night? Any new to you recipes?
  • What workout do you plan on doing today, or have already done?

62 thoughts on “Pictures of Kuwait

  1. Nice pictures; beautiful architecture. I love the Starbucks and the Chili’s too. Good luck at the dentist.
    We did dinner with the family at an Indian restaurant last night delicious, and today I’ll be spinning, but yesterday I got to teach a spinning class, again. My favorite.

    • Thanks girl.. i’m hoping it goes well. The architecture is probably one of my favorite things about Kuwait. It’s so beautiful.

      Sounds like a great evening. Have fun teaching spin again today 🙂

      • Hello,
        I’m Renata from Poland. I collect postcards from all around the world. Unfortunately I didn’t receive any one from Kuwait so far. Could you do me a favour and send me one postcard for my collection, please?
        In exchange I offer Polish postcards.

        Have a nice day,

    • Thanks girl.. unfortunately the dentist didn’t go that well. Because I’m still in pain, they were unable to do the root canal and won’t get it finished until Saturday now. So back to being in pain with a numb mouth & being sick from the novacaine. :-X

      ohh and starbucks are ALL over here girl. In one of the million malls they have, there is literally SIX of them.

    • Well now you know 🙂 🙂 Unfortunately the dentist was a bust. Since I’m still in pain, they were unable to do the root canal and won’t finish it until Saturday now. So back to being in pain with a numb mouth & being sick from the novacaine. :-X

  2. Good Luck at the dentist!! Thanks for sharing the pics too! It is beautiful there…and love the starbucks pic! 🙂 It’s so nice to see what other places look like first hand! 🙂

    • Unfortunately the dentist didn’t go well @ all. Since I’m still in pain, they were unable to do the root canal and won’t finish it until Saturday now. So back to being in pain with a numb mouth & being sick from the novacaine. :-X.. Thanks though.

  3. You’re going to have to show more pictures!!! In my head, I was thinking it would be different. So very interesting!!!

    Workout? Check! 4:30 am, I was out the door to the gym. I just used the elliptical today because I needed to listen to an IIN lecture. Followed by a chest/tri’s workout. Now, off to teach some math! 🙂

    • I definitely will. I really need to start taking pictures of our meals when we eat out to share with y’all too. I just always seem to forget.. whoops!

      Sounds like a productive day so far.. enjoy teaching math 🙂

    • Ha Ha yes, it’s a chili’s. Can you believe chilis a very popular high end restaurant here? haha. Like meals are 20 bucks! Thanks girl, but sadly the dentist visit was no good. Since I’m still in pain they aren’t able to finish the 2nd half of the root canal procedure. Now I have to wait until Saturday. So I’m still in pain & sick from the novacain 😦

    • Enjoy the walk if you two end up going on one. Thanks girl, but the visit didn’t go as planned. Because I’m still in pain, they didn’t want to finish the root canal just yet. I go back in on Saturday to get the 2nd half the treatment done. So I’m still in pain & now sick from the novacane 😦

  4. It’s crazy to see the Starbucks and chilli’s. It’s nice to see pretty pictures like this. I’m use to just seeing my hubs deployment pictures of Iraq and the surrounding areas are not so pretty. Mainly sandy areas but your pictures are really good.

    • thanks girl.. i’m actually still in pain & now naseous from the novicane they gave me. I was supposed to have the 2nd half of my root canal treatment done, but bc i’m still in pain they had to reschedule it for Saturday.. ugh!

    • Yep! Believe it or not, chili’s is actually considered a pretty fancy restaurant around here. Like so fancy, we don’t eat there ($20 dollar meals fancy lol).. even though they have ridiculously good chips & salsa.

  5. awesome pictures, girl! it is super pretty. I hope the dentist goes well! and also, read your post from yesterday just now… glad you had a good run.. I know it’s the most frustrating thing in the world when your work out is just not going how you want it to.

    • Thanks girl! If you read the rest of today’s comments you probably noticed the dentist didn’t go too well @ all. Since I’m still in pain, they have to wait until Saturday to finish the 2nd half to the root canal procedure. Ugh!

  6. Starbucks in Kuwait?! Wow, they really are everywhere! Haha.
    I actually like visiting fast food places/chain restaurants in other countries since they’re a) cleaner and b) offer foods with a regional twist!!

    • Believe it or not girl, starbucks is extremely big over here. I’ve probably seen more here than in the states honestly.

      I couldn’t agree more w/ you on visiting other chain/fast food places. If you ever come to Kuwait & go to subway.. they totally rip you off when it comes to the meat. You only get 3 slices compared to the 4 haha.

  7. Great pics! I don’t know if I could survive without a Starbucks! Ha!
    Last night for dinner we had a baked spaghetti squash dish that was really good and very low calorie! I love spaghetti squash and it makes it seem like it’s fall 🙂 Today I took a boot camp class that was awesome! She does different stations and throws in some running outdoors which is always my favorite! Hope the dentist went well 🙂

    • Nope, the hubs & I have talked about attempting to learn arabic. It seems ridiculously hard & complicated though, haha. There are actually a lot of people here that speak english, except for taxi drivers. Since we don’t have a car, we take a taxi to places that we can’t walk. It can get quite annoying trying to tell them exactly where you want to go haha.

  8. I totally did NOT picture Kuwait looking like that. I guess I didn’t expect it to be that pretty!! I see that you are close to the ocean…is it a public beach where you can go swimming?

    I see from other posts that you didn’t get to finish your dental work. Bummer! Did they give you a stronger antibiotic to get the infection cleared up? How does it work over there anyway? Are there specific dentist fro ex pats or do you see the same one as all the other people who live there?

  9. I hope the dentist went well today!! Thinking of you, girl. ❤ I actually have a major fear of the dentist, and have been known to come up with a million excuses to miss my appointments!

    Wow, Kuwait is beautiful! I'd love to learn more about the city you live in…Is it safe to run on the streets? I'd imagine that, like in most parts of the middle east, its not too common for women to be seen exercising outdoors? Or maybe I'm completely off-base? ;-p I'd also love to know more about the food…Is it easy to find familiar items (it sounds like you have access to a lot of American products) or do you have to order them? What is typical Kuwaiti food like?? Ahh, so many questions, but I'm really curious!

    Hugs!! xoxo ❤

    • I’m not sure if you read the previous comments or not, but the dentist was a fail :(. Since I’m still in pain, they aren’t able to finish the second half of the root canal treatment until Saturday. So I’m still in pain, and I was sick all day from the novicane. It was terrible. Thankfully today I’m not so sick, but still in pain…

      Oh no you are completely right about women not exercising outdoors.. or even period. It depends where you run @ on the streets. You always have to be careful because the drivers over here are ridiculous & don’t care for a second if they run you over haha.

      As for the food, I honestly haven’t branched out & tried much. I know that sounds awful, but I’m kinda sorta nervous. It’s definitely one thing I reallyyyy want to start doing though once we get home from Greece.

      Yes & No when it comes to American Products. I still have to order a lot of things from Vitacost (pb, milk, gnocchi, protein powder, etc…) but they do have a lot. However, the only kind of yogurt they really have here that I’d eat is Activia Vanilla Low Fat, which isn’t my ideal yogurt by any means, but it works. haha.

      Once we get back from vacation, and I start trying more and more different cuisines from around here, I’ll definitely do a post about it all :).

    • Awe! I’m so glad you thought about me! Thanks though girl.. I want to start taking pictures of the food we eat when we dine out, but I always forget tot ake pictures. I need to start remembering lol

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