Trade Em Up Tuesday #1

Happy Tuesday!!

Have you guys noticed that for the past couple days I’ve been adding “Happy” pictures in the beginning of each post? I’m hoping they make you smile and appreciate each day!

Now onto “Trade Em Up Tuesday”. I’ve seen Alex’s @ TheRunWithin do these sort of posts every week, and decided I wanted to be just like her and join in, haha.

I would trade… being sick to being healthy. The antibiotics the doctor prescribed me do absolutely nothing for the pain. Only reason I’m still taking them is because they’ve been helping me sleep great at night. Sleep=painfree Jessie

I would trade… sunshine for rain. Before I moved out here back in May it had been raining every single day and I hated it. If I would’ve known that it’d be the last time I’d see rain for months, I probably would’ve appreciated it more. (Yeah, I’m not sure why I was thinking it would rain out here in the desert. Silly me)

I would trade…  today for September 7th. The hubs and I are beyond excited for our vacation to Greece. Yes we can’t wait to experience the beautiful island, but we’re pretty excited for a drink! Have I ever told you guys alcohol is illegal out here??

I would trade…  a non-existing period for a period. Can’t say I thought I’d ever say that! Just having a period would make me feel like I’m really on the right track to becoming “healthy”. I know there could be a million reasons why I’ve lost it (I need to see a dr. I know), but it would be nice to find out why. Am I running too much? Am I not getting the proper nutrients my body needs? What on earth is the reason!!

I would trade… stupid Kuwaiti channels for some reality tv & food shows. I admit, I love all the Real housewives’ season. I also miss the food channel/network… especially cupcake wars. I’d make the hubs watch it with me @ night.

This isn’t an “I would trade”… but I would love it if my family were able to come to Kuwait for Christmas. I know it’s forever away, but the hubs doesn’t get the day off. Who wants to be alone all day on such a loving holiday?



  • What would you trade up for??
  • What’s a Christmas tradition in your home?

48 thoughts on “Trade Em Up Tuesday #1

  1. I would trade this foggy crappy (been crappy a few says in a row blah) weather we have here for a beautiful day to spend at the pool! I have swam since vacation which seriously feels like ages ago. Also would trade work this weekend for time with the boy. Wah. Lol. And seriously no alcohol!!??

    • yes no alcohol. We have a 5:30am flight on the 7th, and then a couple hr lay over in Athens Greece. I do not care that it’s gonna be early in the morning when we land there, I’m thinking an early breakfast drink will be perfect 🙂 haha.

      Boo you work all weekend? You should surprise him when you get off work!

  2. I agree on the period trade, I always hated it when I had it and now its all I want. But I think I am finally on the right track there 🙂
    I would trade today for a month from now, it is our anniversary mini weekend get away in late September and I cannot wait. I have a hard last month and am really looking forward to fall and all the things it will bring 🙂

  3. Christmas without your husband? That is definitely no fun!!
    As for your period, how long has it been gone? You seem to have a very low body fat % and I know that can affect a lot of women…just an idea. I have to admit, my favorite part of being pregnant was NOT having one for 9+ months.

    • Yeah, he has to work. He works every holiday unless it falls on his day off (Sundays). 😦

      I got off birth control back in May, so since then. I’m not sure if I would’ve lost it sooner only because I was on birth control ya know ((does that make sense?? haha)).

    • I can’t wait to share a ridiculous amount of pictures with all of you 🙂 haha.

      It really would be wonderful, but I’m not getting my hopes up by any means. I can’t imagine how expensive it would be.. especially over a holiday ya know.

  4. boo for being sick! Oh my gosh who new alcohol was illegal in Kuwait!! I will be sure to have a glass of wine for you! I am so jealous of your upcoming trip to Greece, I am dying to go there. I will be going to Chicago for the first time in September and I cannot wait!!

  5. I would trade summer right now for fall. I love the autumn season and can’t wait for cool evenings, fall colors, and the yummy smells of cinnamon, pumpkin and nutmeg. Yum!

    I didn’t have a period for over 5 months right before we got pregnant. It was frustrating because I couldn’t really judge when I was ovulating ect. I did see my doctor about it and she said it was most likely because I’m an avid runner/exerciser with a lower body fat. I spent a ton of money on pregnancy tests though because I was taking them all the time!

    • Girl, your comment just made my day. It’s so wonderful to know that you were able to get pregnant even w/o your period ((yes we’ve spent some $$ on tests too haha)). I kinda figure it’s just because of being an avid runner with a lower body fat as well. Fingers crossed & prayers that a little one will be in the future for us soon 🙂

  6. I LOVE these posts! They’re so cute! I’m so so so sorry to hear you’re feeling badly 😦 I’m sending lots of love and healing thoughts your way! I totally understand your craving for food network–I didn’t have TV last year, and when I went home this summer to my parents 6987359472374 channels, netflix, HBO, and onDemand shows I don’t think I moved for about 3 days haha. Lots of Cupcake Wars and Four Weddings was watched.

  7. girl, we are antibiotic freaks together. my stomach hates me due to those. I want to say about the period thing, I know this may sound frustrating but it takes time. It took me almost 6 months at a steady, healthy weight and well rounded eating to naturally get mine back. I refused to do birth control because I wanted it to truly come back on its own. It is a hard process to wait for but once your body is ready it will return. I am glad i got mine back for sure!

  8. I totally know what you mean about the period lol for me– not sure if this helps or anything, I cut back on the intense workouts… now I do max 15 miles a week… I hated it at first but trust me, it will come back in time 🙂 Right now I think I lost mine again :/ lol

  9. I love your happy pictures! They definitely make me smile and are adorable.

    I’ll send you some of rain. It’s been raining almost everyday here. Christmas with no hubby? 😦 I’ve been through that. That’s no fun!

  10. I’ll trade some of this New Orleans rain for your sunshine!!!

    … and I would trade, hmmm, today for either Thursday or Friday when I hear if I got something. It can go either way and I’m not expecting to get it, I’m just super impatient and want to know NOW 😉

  11. I love Christmas! I hope you get to have some company- that sucks the hubs has to work 😦
    My boyfriends family is Italian, so we do the Christmas Eve tradition of 7 fishes for dinner! I love fish, so it works for me!

  12. What a fun post to read! I love these posts because I always feel like I get to know the blogger a bit better 🙂 I cannot believe alcohol is illegal there.. what the F! i would die, haha. Your vaca is going to be AWESOME…can’t wait for those blog posts, either 🙂

    • I knew coming over here it was, but didn’t think it would be tooooo bad.. but I was wrong. I mean everyone has those nights, okay and weekends (a lot) where you want a drink!! grr! Next time your out, have one for me pleaseee 🙂 🙂

  13. No booze?!?! I would miss wine and beer. Not like I drink a ton but it would be sad to not have the ability.
    I would trade the week of spring break for getting out of school a week early. Is it sad that I am thinking like that and I haven’t started teaching this year yet? I do think spring break is kind of a wasted week though.

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