Quick Update

Happy Friday Everyone! Things have been pretty hectic around here. Between running back and forth from the old apartment to the new, packing & unpacking.. I’m exhausted! The house is slowly but surely coming together. I thought I’d take a quick minute to share pictures of a few rooms in our new home. Just understand, there’s still much to be done…

Bathroom #1: We need to buy a curtain rod yet, shower curtain & towels since our other stuff doesn’t match these colors

Bathroom #2: Since this picture, we added our black storage cabinet from our old apartment. Now we need shower rod & curtain

Living Room: Obviously we need to get some more decorations.

Bedroom: Decorations Needed


So as you can see we still have things to do. Once the spare room & kitchen are a bit more organized I’ll show you them :). Honestly though, there’s no rush in buying decorations. We are going to be here for who knows how long. It’ll all come together eventually :). Now I need to figure out how to use a gas stove/oven. Can anyone help me with that???


  • Tell me, what are you doing this weekend?
  • Have you ever worked with a gas stove/oven before?

50 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Happy Friday! Things are looking really good! Seems like you have a lot of space too. Or maybe I am just so use to my teeny tiny manhattan apartments, I’ve forgotten what normal ones look like 😉

  2. Decorating is the fun part!!! Did the apartment come furnished or did you have to move all of that as well?

    I have used a gas stove before and I like it because you can really adjust the heat to get nice even cooking but currently I have an electric stove so I am more used to that. As far as the oven, I think it pretty much works the same unless you decide to use the broiler.

    • Came furnished. His company doesn’t pay to have your belongings shipped here, so before coming out here we had to sell everything.

      How does the broiler work? I found out why I couldn’t turn it on.. I have no gas. haha.

  3. Hey pretty lady! Love the new space! it looks awesome and HUGE..and 2 bathrooms? I am so jealous. I am moving with Nick september 1st, and we only have ONE bathroom… ugh. can’t wait to see it all done..and decorating is the fun part!!!

    LOVE gas ovens/stoves..another thing we don’t have in our new place 😦 you are going to love it. I swear, it cooks everything better. Have a great weekend!!

    • Ah September 1st is just around the corner. When the hubs and I first moved in together yrs ago we only had one bathroom. I promise it’s not too bad… just make sure you tell me ahead of time to ALWAYS put the seat down 🙂 I can’t wiat to see your new place either!

      Ah, I”m so relieved to hear that you love gas ovens/stoves!!

  4. We have a gas stove/oven. When you turn it on to light the stove be careful not to let the gas run too long or when it lights you can get some bigger than normal flames. I did that and it startled me. My husband had to tell me I left the gas part on too long. Ooops!

    And if you’re one to put cookie sheets under the stove to store, just take out the one you’ll be using before you turn the oven, otherwise it will be HOT from the flames underneath. That one was hubby’s mistakes. It something he didn’t even think of til he touched it and burnt himself.

    Clearly, we hadn’t used a gas stove/oven before. And if these are “duh” tips to you, I don’t mind if you just had a laugh at our expense. They seem obvious now but totally not things we thought of before. HAHA!!!

    Andthe apartment is looking great!

  5. What fun!!! And it looks so spacious. Nice!

    I soooo prefer gas stoves. My grandparent’s house had an electric stove, and it was so much harder to control the heat. I think you’ll really like a gas stove once you’ve played around with it a bit . . . and come on, as if us foodies need a reason to play around in the kitchen! 🙂

  6. Your apartment is huge! Man girl. I love gas stoves, I would never use electric. I suggest going with that. Don’t ask me on decorations, I still live with just a cot in an empty apartment. Oh the life.

  7. Like most people have said here, gas stove tops are the best. Much easier to control heat and heat things up quickly. You’ll get used to it. Don’t get freaked out if you smell a little gas when you use your oven though.
    Congrats on the new place! It will come together in time.

  8. I’ve used a gas stove and it was fantastic!! It’s really easy. I second the person who said don’t get freaked out if you smell a little gas when using the oven. It is basically the same as regular stoves & ovens- nothing super different! Enjoy your new place- it looks really homey! I especially love your red living room furniture.

  9. Love your apartment so far!!!!! Your bedroom looks so cute. I know how tiring moving in and out can be haha. But its so worth it in the end!!

  10. Looking good Sis, looking good! Take your time decorate a little at a time. Hugs and Kisses (just for you)!! I look forward to seeing the place all done up! I miss you and I love you!!

  11. I messed up my email addy in my reply, not sure how to edit it. But this one has it right! Lol keep up all your great work! Hugs and Kisses (to both of you)

  12. Yay for the move!! Your place looks awesome!!! Take your time with decorating. That is what I did, and everything I got I still love. In fact, we have been here for 5 years and there are still rooms and places that are bare, but I can’t find anything I love to go there.. ya know?

    • Ha Ha, Oh i know exactly what you mean. It’s just been a bit hard this time. Even though the place is furnished ((which is awesome)), everything out here is ridiculously expensive.. so that’s kinda another reason why I have no desire to run out & buy everything I see haha. Before we moved out here, we had to sell everything since they weren’t paying for our household items to be shipped.. boo!! Oh well. 🙂

  13. It’s looking good girl! I really like the tile in the bathroom. We moved into a new house about 8 months ago, and I’m still getting things together, and now we may be moving again! Arghhhhh! I can’t wait to see how it comes together. 🙂

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