Curb those cravings & New Additions

The weekend is almost here! Two Days down, Three to go.

Whoever prayed that the meeting with the realtor would go smoothly last night, Thank You! I now can officially say I am a proud renter of that amazing kitchen! Even better, we were able to start moving things in last night. The realtor and his staff have gone beyond my expectations. They were willing to switch out furniture for another apartments furniture that I liked better. I mean seriously, how sweet is that?

Now onto today: After nine hours ((yes nine hours, I guess I was tired?!) of sleep, I woke up feeling completely energized. I’m not quite sure when I’ve felt this good upon waking up, but hey no complaints over here!

Breakfast: Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie made with 1 1/2 cups strawberries, 1 scoop MyoFusion milk chocolate protein powder, 2 tablespoons pb2, 4 almond milk ice cubes & 3 ice cubes.

Workout: 8 mile run @ a 7:40 pace followed by a 3 minute plank hold. I started doing a Plank Hold A Day Challenge a little over a week ago and love it. For anyone else who has participated in one before, did it get easier for you as the seconds increased? I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it’s just not seeming as hard lately?

After my workout, I was catching up on the latest health & fitness stories on Oxygen Women’s Fitness page. I came across an article that I thought was worth sharing. I know for me personally, I have a tendency to crave and indulge more during the summer months. If your like me, you must read these 5 tips:

1. Be hungry no more.

Not eating regularly throughout the day will cause your body to fall into starvation mode and you’ll crave carbs – usually nutrient-void refined carbs, such as white pasta and bread – so nip that craving in the bud before it strikes by not letting yourself go hungry.
Try this: It’s the Oxygenlifestyle mantra: Eat five to six small meals of protein and complex carbs every two to three hours. This will keep you satisfied so when a craving does arise (and that double-layer chocolate cake in the bakery window is calling your name) you’ll know that it’s all in your head because your body is fully fueled.

2. Know your triggers.

Stressed? Bored? Sad? If you’re eating clean all day but then get hit with unexpected stress or emotion, those cravings could come creeping. If you find this is happening regularly, it’s time to jot that information down in your food journal or planner.

Try this: Knowing your triggers will arm you with the best defense – carry clean snacks or see the next item on our list for another good way to ward off mindless snacking.

3. Watch your sat fats.

Going out for a round of food high in saturated fats (think pizza and chicken wings) can actually leave you wanting more for up to three days after your food fest, according to a study from UT Southwestern Medical Center. Researchers say the fatty food hits your brain with fatty acids and prevents the hunger-regulating hormones – leptin and insulin – from signaling you to stop chowing down.
Try this: The good news is that the same study points out that healthy unsaturated fats, such as olive oil, don’t have the same waistline-damaging effects, which leaves your options wide open for a whole-wheat crust pizza with fresh vegetables and olive oil or chicken breast strips sautéed in a tablespoon of the good golden stuff.

4. Work it out.

Sometimes those cravings are just a reaction to anxiety or boredom, which means that getting creative could be your ticket out of cravingsville. The key is to distract yourself with healthy alternatives – not the kind that will leave you with regrets when its time to sling on the two-piece this summer.

Try this: Get in a workout, take a walk or test-drive a new dance-cardio class for the first time. Turn your craving into a reminder that it’s time to switch gears and start something new.

5. Be a kitchen vixen.

Shedding pounds or eating clean doesn’t mean sacrificing good food. Have pizza on the brain? How about a refreshing summer dessert or salty snack? We’ve got you covered.

Yes, some of you may already know this.. but a quick reminder from time to time won’t hurt :).

Also, I have the biggest favor to ask all you lovely bloggers! I finally made a “JessieLovesToRun”  twitter account. I linked the page on the side of my site, so if you could please take time “follow” me, I’d greatly appreciate it & love you forever! ((Incase you don’t see it, click here))


47 thoughts on “Curb those cravings & New Additions

  1. Congrats on your new place! I followed you on Twitter and Facebook!

    I glad that you posted #1. I eat all day long, just little meals every few hours but I always feel like I’m eating a lot since I don’t just eat three meals a day. But each of my meals is between 200-330 calories, so it works out!

    • Thanks so much for following me on both. I’m the same way, I eat little meals all throughout the day. I don’t know how other people can go hourssss without eating. I’d be so crabby haha.

  2. Whoa–things are moving quickly with the new place. That’s awesome.

    I’m also doing the plank hold challenge–and I’m loving it. I can definitely tell that I’m getting stronger, since it’s getting easier and easier. Yay!

    I’m on the fence about saturated fats. I’ve been studying a lot about them in my most recent classes at IIN . . . and if they’re coming from high quality sources (i.e. grass fed beef, coconut oil, etc.), there are many studies proving that they are actually good for you.

    I’m liking your facebook page now . . . . (I have one, too, if you’d like to stop by!) . . . 🙂

  3. Those tips are great reminders! I agree that a dessert craving can easily be “avoided” by going for a short walk or just distracting myself with reading, working, etc…typically if I say that I’ll wait 20 minutes and if I’m still craving it I’ll have it, but rarely am I still craving it after that time!

  4. Awesome job on the run, girl! You are an inspiration! I completely agree with eating small meals throughout the day. I always try to space out my calories into mini meals so I am never hungry!

    • Awe thanks hunnie, that means so much to me :). I’m the exact same. I HAVE to eat every couple hours. People who eat those the larger meals throughout the day think I’m crazy & such a pig haha.

  5. YAY! So happy to hear you guys got the place! That’s awesome! I don’t find the the plank gets easier as the seconds tick by but I’m not wear you are either. Maybe I’ll feel that way when I hit 3 minutes. LOL!

    I gotcha ya on Facebook and Twitter! 😉

  6. Congrats on the apartment! I’m glad everything panned out!
    Your breakfast smoothie sounds really delicious, it’s got me craving one now!
    Also, thanks for sharing the Oxygen tips, some of them are pretty intuitive, but I’ve never heard the sat fats tip before.

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