Is it Friday yet???

Well the day started off great. I enjoyed another delicious smoothie for breakfast while catching up on some blogs & e-mails. Had a slice of chocolate bread, and headed out the door to the gym… and this is when my mood changed.

Usually on the hotter days ((like today)) I’ll take a taxi to the gym even though it’s only a mile or so away. Well for some unknown reason every taxi driver I asked was trying to charge me a ridiculous amount. Uh, no thanks. I finally just decided to suck it up and walk. Not only was the walk hot, but every guy & their dad wanted to honk and yell something unnecessary at me. I couldn’t have been happier to get to the gym. I did 8 miles, and decided to call it a day. I’m not sure why I thought my walk back would’ve been any different, but hey a girl can dream right? Again, it sucked. This obnoxious guy asked if I needed a ride a billion of times & wouldn’t leave me alone. I just wanted to swear at him, and tell him to get on his way, but unfortunately swearing at others is a no-no over here.

Now that I’m home, I just finished making lunch ((Salad topped with 2 scrambled eggs, tomato, cucumber, broccoli, tuna & ketchup + clementine on the side)) so hopefully the day will get better from here on out 🙂 Must stay positive Jessie is what I keep telling myself.

The other day I was reading Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli blog and found a fun survey. I’m sure most of you have already done it, but if not you should. ((Oh & I just noticed there’s no #3 haha, don’t ask me why.

This or That

1. Coke or Pepsi? I don’t normally drink soda, I’m more of a water kind of girl. If I had to choose it would be Coke though. There’s always been something about Pepsi that tastes funny to me.

2. Caramel Apple or Cotton Candy? Caramel Apple. I’m not one to ever pass up on sugar, but Cotton Candy is just a bit too much for me. I absolutely hate the way it leaves your teeth feeling.

4. Salt or Pepper? I don’t cook with salt, and try not to eat too much of it. Pepper definitely. It always adds a tiny bit of flavor to meals.

5. Pudding or Yogurt? Tough decision. I’ll go with yogurt only because you can make more delicious combos with it.

6. American or Provolone Cheese? Growing up I used to only eat American, and it had to be “White American Cheese” too, but now a days I’d much rather prefer provolone or even Swiss over American.

7. Cookies or Brownies? Can I pick both??

8. Pretzels or Chips? Chips! Can’t ever go wrong with chips & salsa J

9. Cake or Pie?Cake, but hold the frosting. I know I know, y’all are going to think I’m crazy. I really do enjoy the cake part better though.

10. Oatmeal or Cereal? I have yet to try OIAJ, so until then I’ll stick with Cereal.

11. Mexican or Japanese? Mexican!! Chips & salsa, and Chimichangas.

12. Chinese or Italian? Italian. I’ve never been a big Chinese eater. Nothing better than pasta on a crummy day, or the night before a race.

13. Surf or Turf? I’m equal

14. Pizza or Pasta? I don’t think there’s ever been a time where I’d pick pasta over pizza.

15. Mustard or Ketchup? Can’t decide & won’t.

16. Sandwich or Wrap? Sandwich. Wraps can get a bit too messy for me.

17. Apples or Oranges? Apples. Especially apples with peanut butter

18. Strawberries or Raspberries? I don’t like either of them by plain, but I’d prefer strawberries in my smoothie.

19. Blackberries or Blueberries? BLUEBERRIES! I had never tried them up until this summer ((crazy right??)), and I honestly can’t get enough.

20. Rice or Noodles? Spaghetti Squash??

21. Spicy or Mild? Mild. I’m such a baby when it comes to spicy food. I just can’t handle it.

22. Salad or Soup? Salad. Never been too much of a soup fan.

23. Soup or Stew? I guess I’ll have to go with stew

24. Salted or Sweet Popcorn? I actually just enjoy plain popcorn. Is that weird?

25. Cauliflower or Broccoli? Broccoli. I eat it for lunch & dinner every day

26. Onion Rings or French Fries? French fries if I had to choose. I rarely eat them though, unless I’m stealing one or two from the hubs J

27. Burger or Hot Dog? Hot Dog.

28. Popsicle or Ice Cream? Not able to eat Ice cream due to stomach issues. I’m going to say Frozen Yogurt J.

29. Coffee or Tea? Do not drink hot drinks.

30. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.

31. Sausage or Bacon? If were talking about chicken sausage, then I’ll pick that.

32. Peanut butter or almond butter? For now I’m still a die-hard peanut butter lover, but almond butter is definitely starting to grow on me.

33. Salty or Sweet? Oh I have the biggest sweet tooth J

34. Fried or Scrambled Eggs? I don’t know if I’ve ever had a fried egg, so scrambled it is.

35. Waffles or Pancakes? Waffles. Pancakes are usually too much for me on most days.

  • Now it’s your turn, pick & couple and leave a comment 🙂
  • Don’t forget to watch the U.S. Women Soccer match against Japan tonight!!


54 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet???

  1. Fun survey!
    At least you have a great attitude about staying positive. I would have NOT liked walking to the gym by myself. Maybe you should carry some pepper spray – but that’s probably a no-no too, huh? Hope you have a better day!!

  2. Love these surveys! I want to do one but keep forgetting.
    Sorry your day did not start out great. I would not do well in those situations – you are doing so great though!

  3. Ew I hate when people yell like that, good for you for getting a workout in though despite the heat and everything. I love this survey, I feel like I got more in your head. But don’t really like strawberries or raspberries, WHAT. Also I am a cotton candy girl all the way – I could eat bags of it. Sugar overload to say the least.

  4. Good morning, interesting to read about your gym walking experience. I have limited travel experience, have never been to Kuwait, and the US is no saint, but I have generally been harassed more Internationally. I would imagine that you are going to stick out over there anyway.

    Fun reading about your experiences!

    • Yes there really aren’t too many blondes over here that’s for sure haha.

      I mean for the most part, people are friendly but you will always have those disrespectful people as well.

      Thank you so much for visiting my page. Have a wonderful day 🙂

  5. Good job being so positive! That is sooo annoying when things like that happen. It’s just like LEAVE ME ALONE haha. But at least you got a great workout in and got outside for the day!:)

  6. I don’t like frosting either!! Unless its confetti cafe with the confetti frosting….haha! I don’t know if you can get it over there but you should try Justins honey almond butter!! I am sooo obsessed I could eat it on fruit all day long 🙂

    • Ohh I love confetti cake with the confetti icing. I could eat the whole cake if my waist & stomach allowed it haha. I do have a bag of confetti cake mix that I’ll eat with pb @ night sometimes for dessert. it’s delicious… oh it’s also good with jelly too 🙂

  7. What an awful experience this morning!! I always hate when I go for a run and get honks and whistles, it makes me feel so uncomfortable!! Maybe next time you can put some ear buds in and ignore them the best you can.

    I love these little surveys. I think it is such a fun way to get to know others!!

  8. oo love surveys!! too bad for LAME people yelling at you. reminds me of college and how i couldn’t walk anywhere without getting crazy cat calls and gross people. Oh yah and mexican food is my FAVORITE! ps now I have a cartful at vita cost! can’t wait to get my PB2! 🙂

  9. Must be really tough at times living somewhere so different from home. Definitely a great life experience for you and no doubts makes you appreciate home more. I love blue berries too!

    • You are absolutely right. It really has given me such an appreciation of the little things I took for granite. Such as the foods, driving ((don’t drive here)), being able to talk to friends/family on a daily basis via phone ((too expensive now)), and so many others. I wouldn’t give up this experience for anything though.

  10. I like my cake without the frosting, too! The only kind of frosting I like is the kind that comes with the Pillsbury funfetti cake mix if you know what I’m talking about.

    • haha yesss another girl said the same thing actually! I have a bag of funfetti cake mix that I keep in my pantry. Sometimes ((okay like 4x a week haha)) I’ll have a spoonful of it mixed with either pb or strawberry jam. SO good 🙂

  11. There’s no way I would have missed the soccer game today! I had shivers when the players received their gold medals! SO exciting!!

    Okay, I know *exactly* what it feels like to be cat-called on the way to the gym–NOT FUN! So sorry, girl. During college, I spent a semester living in Mexico, and the same thing happened to me every day. I’d occasionally take a taxi, but most of the time I was super cheap and chose to just deal. It seriously took me MONTHS to start looking men in the eye once I was home; I “hated” them ALL after those experiences! :-p

    Fun survey! I completely agree with you about ketchup and mustard; aren’t they supposed to go together?! xoxo ❤

    • so glad we share an obsession of mustard and ketchup 🙂 Knowing you love both too, I won’t feel so weird when I put it on anything & everything whenever we go out ((haha you like that i’m already planning a visit with you!!)).

      Seriously, guys can be so disgusting. I’m sorry it took you so long to get over it though girl 😦 Ohhh & thank you for letting me know getting frozen yogurt is on!! I cannot wait to get some yummy flavors & a ridiculous amount of toppings 🙂 🙂 Until March, I’ll just have to dream about the deliciousness everynight.

  12. Hi I just found your blog from a comment you made at desertgirlkuwait. Welcome to Kuwait or Sorry you are stuck here for a while (depending on your mood at this moment) I am american and live in Kuwait. I have for years and years. You must be careful with the dogs uh I mean men if you are walking alone down the street. I am cringing while writing this. This country is Full of single hormonal men. Don’t walk down the street alone, especially at night. NEVER walk down the street at night, ok I promised my husband I wouldn’t scare you off but… DONT! LOL. In the states it is customary to ignore the dogs I mean men but here ignoring them encourages them in a weird way, but I’m not advising to yell either you never know when one will snap. Don’t start packing just be careful.
    By the way don’t waste your money at sultan center, go to Lulus, they have blueberries, American and british yogurts, the best oatmeal. I think it’s the only place I have seen almond butter, they have many choices of almond milk too. The best choices of mushrooms. Email me if you would like

  13. I lived in Kuwait by myself for 3 years and hated every second of it (just got back 3 months ago) I noticed further up that you mentioned you don’t call home because of the cost. You have to get a MagicJack. I think they have them on post. It’s just a small USB device you plug into your computer, and then hook an actual phone into the other side. You’ll have a US phone number, and you’ll be able to make and receive calls, and it’ll cost a one time payment of around $25. I didn’t think it’d work, but it saved me over there. My brother in law got it for me after my sister ran up a few phone bills talking to me.

    Take advantage of traveling every chance you get and your time there will fly by, I know it’s rough going.

    • Oh thanks so much for writing! i’m not sure how you found my blog, but I am so glad that you did 🙂 Thanks for the recommending the Magic Jack. My family is actually just going to buy calling cards and call me, since it’ll be free for me as long as i’m not calling out. I’m curious, what brought you to kuwait? I actually don’t mind it. Maybe it’s because I’m with my husband? oh yes, traveling is definitely something we want to continue doing while were here. We visited Dubai a couple months ago, and we have an upcoming vacation to Greece in the beginning of September.

      Again, thank you for visiting. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Brownies AND cookies are totally the way to go. My roommate’s mom made us “brookies” once, brownies with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough baked in. Soooo good. Between the two of us they didn’t last long!

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