50 dollars for that….

Good Morning! Monday is over, and now were one day closer to the weekend. ((Can you tell I’m ready for the week to be over??)). Today is another “Tangent Tuesday”. I love that you can write the most random things, and not be judged.. well I’ll just pretend that’s the case, haha.

1. My new package from VitaCost arrived yesterday. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this one because it contained the “Ener-G Light Tapioca Loaf” bread. I had never tried it until today, and I must say it’s delicious. The slices are tiny, but will be perfect with my salads @ lunch.

2. I spent $50.00 at the grocery store today… on almost nothing. This country is ridiculously expensive. Can you believe that 2 frozen bags of blueberries, 2 frozen bags of strawberries, 1 frozen bag melon, cartoon of eggs, and some broccoli cost that much!! The worst part, the frozen fruit aren’t even the big bags either.

3. I’m completely bummed I didn’t stay up to watch the U.S Women’s Soccer beat Canada last night :(. Did any of you watch it? I read the recap this morning, and it sounded like such an awesome ending!! Cannot wait for the re-match against Japan on Thursday!!

4. Daily Mile. Do any of you runners have DailyMile? If so, search me “Jessie Gipe”. I even promise to comment on your workouts 🙂

5. Love Sanya Richards-Ross & her hubby.

Click the picture. It’ll take you to a video of them talking about one another. They are too perfect ❤



  • Tell me something random about you.
  • What’s been your favorite sport to watch so far this Olympics? What’s been your least?



42 thoughts on “50 dollars for that….

  1. WAIT how is that bread? I have yet to buy or eat gluten free bread but I heard tapioca tastes the best, what do you think? I am interested in your opinion. Also, did my plank this morning, Epic fail. I have no strength and that makes me so mad that I have gone so long without strength training. I did a minute. Eek working up. I will probably add five seconds everyday.

    • Out of all the gluten free bread I’ve tried + made, this is by far one of my favorites, if not the best. ((Add it to your already ridiculous list on vitacost haha)). I did the plank too.. but the full 1:40. A minute is still good, and your still a beast in my eyes 🙂

    • Try Udi’s gluten-free bread! Their products saved my life when I stopped eating wheat. It’s so incredibly close to the texture and taste of real bread, you would be surprised. I’ve tried nearly every gluten-free bread on the market and nothing else compares.

  2. gymnastics is also my fav to watch!!! Sadly I was too busy to catch it this year:( I’m so sorry that everything is so expensive, that would drive me nuts!! And something random about me- I have been to three colleges and was in undergrad for 5 years and 3 months haha

    • Ohh I could only imagine what some of the prices were like in NY! Yess girl check it out & if you decide to order stuff, let me know & i’ll hook you up with that $10.00 off your first purchase reward code 🙂

  3. I cannot believe how expensive it is there, either. UGH! hmm something random about me: my favorite time of day to clean is right when I wake up. I am so productive in the AM for some reason! gymnastics has by far been my favorite…my least fav was some cycling thing on last night; Nick and I didn’t understand it at all, lol

    • That’s myy favorite time too 🙂 I always feel so energized in the morning, but come afternoon i’ll be exhausted and in desperate need of a nap lol.

      haha I think I must’ve missed that cycling thing? They really do have some strange, ridiculous sports in the olympics!

  4. I really like watching the gynmastics, but I suprisingly found myself getting into the pole vault yesterday!!

    That tapioca loaf sounds interesting – never heard of that before!

    • I actually haven’t watched any pole vaulting. I surprisingly started liking womens weight lifting… haha i knwo random right! It’s crazy to me how these women can life like twice my body weight easily!

    • I know. I’m glad that the girls finally decided to do good on the floor. I’m not sure what has been going on, but they wre just doing their best on the uneven bars, vault or balance beam. 😦

  5. YUCK i hate buying groceries. My Dad like to joke that no matter what you buy the grocery bill is always going to be $100 (unfortunately its not all that much of a joke). I’m SO sad gymnastics is over!! What am I going to do without my daily dose of Gab? I’ve gotten really into soccer, and loooove me some track. I’m so envious of runners, jumpers, vaulters–I’ve NEVER had the coordination to do what they do.

    • Ha, well your dad would almost be 100% right if he lived here. Things are not cheap at all… actually if something is 1.5 KD, you times it by 3.8 & that’s what it would be in the states ((Hope that makes sense to you? haha)).

      Oh I know I’m pretty sad that gymnastics is over, but kind of glad too. I felt like poor Gabby got so much critisim & pressure @ the end. That little 16 yr didn’t need any of that.

      Ha Ha girl, don’t worry I’m quite envious of them too. They are all so stinking good!

  6. Oh my goodness, that is crazy expensive for such a small amount of groceries. I am such a cheapy that I might starve if I lived there!! Is Vita-Cost about the only way to get specialty foods where you are at?

  7. I’ll look for you on DailyMile! I’m pretty inconsistent about remembering to post my workouts, so send me motivation! 🙂 Those grocery prices are ridiculous…I can’t imagine that! I’m a sucker for gymnastics…actually teared up tonight when Ali won Bronze on the balance beam. 🙂

  8. I was bummed I missed the soccer match too!!! GO USA 😀

    something random that happened to me today~ I woke up this morning not really wanting to run. Then, I realized that the Olympic theme song had begun running through my head. The more it did, the more it made me subconsciously want to run!

  9. I’ve loved pretty much every Olympic sport I’ve watched, my favorites though are the endurances races (road cycling, marathon, triathlon), and of course gymnastics!
    I’ll have to look for you on Daily Mile! But I haven’t been running much lately so it’s been a little neglected lately.

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