Good Morning. Did anyone elses weekend fly by? Our weekend was uneventful. Just included a lot of Olympics & movies. On friday we watched Ted. What a funny movie. I do have a confession though… I cried a little. I know that sounds ridiculous, but for any of you who saw the movie, you can’t tell me whenever Ted got kidnapped & “died” it wasn’t the saddest thing ((This is also coming from the girl who cried during The Break-up)). It’s the weirdest thing, I’ll cry during comedies, but movies like The Notebook don’t faze me one bit. I wish I had more exciting happenings from the weekend, but until Ramadan is over we won’t be leaving the house. I kinda feel like were on “house arrest” sometimes, haha. Thank gosh for the Olympics keeping us busy though :).

Now onto another week of Marvelous In My Monday hosted by the fabulous Katie @ Healthy Diva Eats. If your unfamiliar with MIMM head over to Katie’s page & read all about it :). Today I want to share another What I’m Thankful For post.

  • Our vacation being booked. We leave for Santorini Island September 7th and don’t come back until September 16th. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are. With the hubs working six 10 hour days a week, it’ll be nice to get away for a little. I know it’s still a month away, but if any of you lovely ladies want to do a Guest Post for me, please let me know :]

  • My Family. They’ve been so supportive in this crazy journey the hubs & I decided to partake in. I know it wasn’t easy for them to watch their little girl walk through the gates at the airport not knowing when they’d see me again. Thankfully with technology the way it is these days, we’ve been able to stay in contact everyday. With that, I’m beyond blessed. Even though Joshua & I haven’t lived near them for quite sometime ((due to Military life)), leaving them this time was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. You never realize until it happens, how much you truly do take family for granite from time to time. Theres no more mother-daugther, father-daughter dates, no more quick store runs, no more sitting around the table talking about life for hours, etc… Would I love to see them soon? Of course, but for now our life is here in Kuwait and I couldn’t be happier. The hubs and I are getting to experience a life that not many people have the privilege too.

  • Roxy will be coming out once we get back. For any of you who are new readers, Roxy is our little Boxer/Lab. She was originally supposed to come out with me back in May, but there were some bumps in the road. We were told she needed her updated rabies shots a month prior to the flight, well here to find out she needed them 3 months prior. I was such a mess when the vet told me the news. I literally broke down in tears at the office. Oh well, she’ll be out here soon & I cannot wait. We’ve been missing our crazy girl.

  • You. I never thought my blog would have so many readers in such a short time. Y’all are absolutely amazing, and so inspiring in your own way. I love hearing about everyone’s life. Seeing the laughter, smile & love you share with your family & loved ones. It always puts the biggest smile on my face.

  • What is making your Monday Marvelous?

56 thoughts on “MIMM #3

  1. YOU HAVE A PUPPY YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT. how exciting you get to see her. Wow you had a great weekend, I can’t believe that you booked a vaca. So freaking jealous. Take me? I swear I could fit in a suitcase. haha. have a wonderful monday!

  2. I love reading your posts! I am so glad you are getting away in September for 10 full days. Will be great for you two 🙂 I also can’t even imagine to leave your family and move to a whole new COUNTRY, but like you said, you are experiencing life in ways that many people cannot. Isn’t facetime/skype the best thing?! haha. Glad your little Roxy is on her way!! Hope you had a great Monday, lady!

  3. Omg Santorini is amazing!! I actually went there a few years ago in college when I studied a semester abroad. It was by far one of my fav places..!! It will be the perfect get-away for you and your husband!!!!

  4. I cry during movies too. And tv shows…and commercials…lol!

    I give you so much credit for being away from your family! That’s so hard and I don’t think I could do it!

    • haha, I cry during all of those too. sometimes i wish i wasn’t so emotional. Oh well 🙂

      Thanks girl. It has gotten hard from time to time, but being able to talk daily is such a blessing

  5. I didn’t cry during the Notebook either! lol! And here I was thinking I just had no soul 😉 but put Click on and I’ll be bawling like a baby haha I heard Ted was good! I’ll have to see it before it’s out of theaters… I’m so jealous of your upcoming vacation! It looks like it will be a beautiful trip!!

  6. Sweet puppy!!! I can only imagine how thrilled you’ll be to be reunited with her! I can’t imagine being away from Sadie for more than a weekend. I don’t know what I’m going to do when we’re gone for 11 days in September!

  7. Hey girl! My names Brie and I love following you and your blog!!

    Your dog is ADORABLE!! I have never seen a boxer/lab mix before! She actually resembles our black and white border collie!

    Your vacation to Santorini… so jealous. That first picture, with all of the white houses/buildings on the hill, literally takes my breath away and I “pinned” that picture a while back in my “Places I want To Go” board… you will have such a blast! 🙂

    • Girl, you are too sweet. I’m so glad to have such a wonderful follower like you! How funny that you pinned that exact picture in your “places I want to go” board.

      Yeah until we found Roxy, we had never heard of any black lab/boxer mix. I’m not sure they are popular, and I do see why. She is such a rowdy little thing, haha.

  8. Congrats on booking your vacation!! That must be a relief for you 🙂
    Oh man, I was so emotional when it come to the Marathon event. Got a little teary eyed when Flanagan collapsed and Goucher helped her up.

  9. This post fills my heart with so much joy! You are such a beautiful person, Jessie! The way you write about Joshua and your family makes me tear up! ❤ (I think that's more embarrassing than crying during Ted, haha!). I'm so happy that you're going to have a nice vacation in Santorini–you definitely deserve it. Please promise that you'll share all the amazingness with us?

    My Monday was marvelous because I spent the day playing in the sun and sand in Newport Beach, CA. This is where I lived when I was young, and it feels so good to be back!

    Love ya, girl! xoxo ❤

    • I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to be as sweet as you!! Seriously, you always leave such wonderful comments. I promiseee that I’ll share the vacation with you… promise me you won’t get sick of all the pictures though??

      I’m so glad you were able to visit Newport Beach. It’s always nice to visit home huh? 🙂

  10. Aww yay for Roxy! It will be so nice when she joins you again….I can’t imagine living without my pup! And I can write some guest posts if you want also 🙂

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