Tangent Tuesday

Holy cow! Can you believe tomorrow is August 1st! Seriously, I feel like it was just yesterday I was counting down the days until Birthday (July 10th for all of you who maybe wanna send a belated birthday gift :] just kidding!!). The year is flying huh?

Okay moving on. Happy Tangent Tuesday to all of you! Let’s get started…

1. The most wonderful thing EVER happened @ the grocery store yesterday. Since moving to Kuwait, I haven’t been able to find any American Yogurt. Well wouldn’t ya know it, they had some!! It wasn’t my favorite chobani, it was Activia Vanilla. Hey ya gotta work with what your given. You better believe I snatched up three 4-packs.

2. I literally thought I was going to die on my cab ride yesterday. The driver was super speedy & swerving in and out of lanes like we were apart of Mario Kart. If that wasn’t enough to bring tears to my eyes. We were sitting @ a stoplight and the car in front just decided to back right up into us. You would think he’d get out of his car to make sure everything was okay, but nope he just waived & took off.

3. After being here for over 3 months, I finally gave in and figured it was time to clean the windows. Seriously, living in a sandbox makes cleaning the worst! Stupid Sandstorms! (Pictured below: Before, During & After) 
4. As excited as I am to watch the U.S Gymnastic Finals tonight, my heart breaks for Jordyn Weiber. I cannot believe she didn’t qualify for All-Around. She is such an unbelievable gymnastic. Bless her heart!
5. I had an awesome workout today at the gym. It consisted of a new circuit that I made up. Unfortunately y’all will have to wait until tomorrow :).
  • Will you be watching the U.S Gymnastic Finals tonight? What about Women’s Soccer?
  • What sort of exercise did you do today?

39 thoughts on “Tangent Tuesday

  1. Glad you found to tasty American yogurt! I can’t imagine being without some of my favorite staples.

    I felt terrible for Jordyn too! After all that training, she much be devastated.

    • Yeah, it’s been hard to adjust. But thankfully I make weekly orders on VitaCost to keep me happy with all the goods I used to buy in the states.. and it’s cheaper too 🙂 Have you ever used VitaCost? If not, you should!!

      Oh I know, bless her heart. I saw her mom reached out to her in some sort of way. Did you see that?

  2. Sadly, I haven’t been able to catch any of the gymnastics competitions, even though that’s my favorite sport to watch! I never seem to be around when it’s on. I’ll have to make an effort to catch even just a little bit before it’s over!

  3. I always am so interested on people who move from the US to a new place to what they find as their staples. I can’t imagine not having some of the things I love here. Is food more expensive there?

    • Oh girl, life here is soo much more expensive. It’s crazy! I love cantaloupe, but don’t often buy it because it’s about $14.00 lol. Then you have lunch meat that’s $9.00 for 1/2 a lb.. and so on. Their staples here are rice I’ve come to realize, oh & nuts lol

  4. My heart breaks for Jordyn too…i use to compete against her home team in Michigan (not at the same time- I am much older 😉
    You know I will be watching gymnastics tonight!
    Heading out for a short run soon and hopefully yoga later 🙂
    Have a terrific tuesday!

  5. Poor Jordyn… I don’t like how the media took advantage of the situation, just give the girl some space! Even so, I’m excited to watch gymnastics tonight 🙂

  6. oh man i was so upset about Jordyn Weiber too. 😦 my heart was breaking after she didn’t make it. and yay for yogurt!! i wouldn’t clean windows if i were you either boooooo.

    • Oh my goodness girl. All of your comments you’ve been leaving me have been going to the “spam folder” & I didn’t have the slightest idea! I just want to tell you thank you so much for leaving such wonderful comments day after day! You are awesome 🙂

  7. That window cleaning looks like it could have been pretty intense!! I did some lap swimming today (hurt my foot so I can’t run). It was fun though!!

  8. Oh my gosh I can totally relate the terror of riding in a taxi in a foreign country. When I was in Peru I had to take a taxi to the University every day and it was always a horrific experience. No traffic rules, honking almost constantly, zipping in between people, sidewalks, buses, dogs. Mostly I just closed my eyes. The worst was once when I had food poisoning and was trying to get home, and the jerking and swerving made me sooo sick and I threw up in the cab…then promptly got kicked out. I’m totally sad for Jordan Weiber too 😦 I was in tears right along with her.

    • Oh My Gosh! You poor poor thing! I hope you didn’t pay the cab driver who threw you out. JERK! I swear drivers in other countries are nuts. A month ago, I was in a cab that hit a man.. and he just kept going. They just do not care one bit!

      –I’m so glad she rocked her routines last night @ Team finals though. I couldn’t help but literally clap for her. The hubs thought I was crazy haha.

    • I honestly thought I was a fast driver when we were in the states, but danngg these people out here just don’t care. A month or two ago, my cab driver actually HIT SOMEONE! He didn’t even get out to see if the guy was okay or not. It’s insane.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!! 🙂 I agree, this year is going so quickly.. at least the summer is… all these heat waves make me wonder how our winter is going to be here lol that’s awesome you were able to find some yogurt! I would probably jump for joy haha I have been slacking on my Olympics watching… need to get on that!

    • Awe, thanks girl 🙂 I’m so curious what winter is like over here in Kuwait. I heard it can get pretty cold.. but we shall see. I’m not sure if there cold means like 60 since the summer has been 130 haha. Girl, ya better get on it w/ the Olympics haha.

  10. How exciting that you found Activia! What type of yogurt is sold in Kuwait? Do you shop at a grocery store on base, or do you go out into the community? I think you should write a post about shopping in the middle east; I’d be so interested to hear about your experiences! ❤

    I've sadly missed the gymnastics the past two days! Did it really end tonight? I'll be so bummed! HUGS!! ❤

    • My husband works on base (he’s a civillian contractor), but I’m unfortunately not allowed on. They actually don’t even have a commissary, just a px. Ha, I’m not quite sure what kind it is that they sell, haha! It’s mostly written in Arabic. I tried it when I first got here, and eekkk not a fan lol. Thanks for the suggestion. I really should 🙂 You just missed the team finals. They still have individual going on, so don’t worry you can still watch it 🙂

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