Today Is A Good Day

Man, did I have the Most Amazing Protein Smoothie for breakfast today. I can hardly wait to share the recipe with you guys. But first thing is first…

I want to backtrack to yesterdays workout. After a 5.4 (yes that extra .4 of a mile has to be added in, haha) mile run, I ended my workout with a new-to-me circuit created by the wonderful Suzanne @ FitMindedMom.

I actually only completed the circuit 1x through, but please do not let those 2 minutes of jump roping fool you. They are tough, and will work up a serious sweat quick. I highly recommend this circuit to all of you to try out :).

Now on to today… Like I mentioned before on my last blog, Friday’s are a bit different because of the gym not being open. I went to bed unsure of what I’d be doing in the morning as a workout. Would I do some sort of circuit, or go for a walk on the treadmill. Well when the hubs alarm clock went off this morning @ 4:30, I was oddly wide awake & decided to get in some exercise.

Workout: Instead of completing any circuits, I opted for a walk. I ended up covering a little over 9 miles in 2 hours. I know it’s a long time of walking, but I got completely side tracked while reading the hubs Sports Illustrated Magazine and then part of my Women’s Health Magazine. I love my days off from running that include walking. The only downfall to today’s walk was how hot it was in the building. My shirt was disgustingly soaked @ the end.. I’m sure y’all didn’t care to hear that 🙂

Breakfast: Ah, I have been so excited to share today’s meal with you. Last night another VitaCost package arrived. I’m kinda thinking I may have a slight addiction with ordering food. I can’t help it, and it’s also needed since no grocery stores here in Kuwait have any of the foods that I’m used too and love so much. Anyways, I bought two new-to-me Protein Powders. One Milk Chocolate and the Other Vanilla. I decided to use the Milk Chocolate Powder in this mornings Breakfast…

In The Mix:

1 scoop MyoFusion Probiotic Milk Chocolate Protein Powder. 1 Banana. 8 Almond Milk Ice Cubes. & topped with crumbled Barbara’s Puffin Original Cereal

Seriously guys, this smoothie was honestly the best one I’ve ever had, and that says a lot (Okay, I may have said that before.. but I promise this one is even better 🙂 ). I’m also obsessed with this Protein Powder already. I was originally going to do a review of the Product, but I’m going to make some yummy recipes with it before I do (so be on the look out 🙂 ).

**Not too much happened between breakfast & lunch besides a grocery store run & 2 eaten clementines (un-pictured.. I think y’all know what they look like).**

Lunch: Since I’m currently working on upping my calorie intake and putting on weights, I’ve been eating lots of eggs for added protein throughout the day.

In the Mix:

1 Pesto & Garlic Wrap, 2 eggs, 1 light garlic Laughing Cow Wedge, tomatoes & cucumbers + grapes

Mmm.. it was delicious, and so filling. Have you guys ever had Tumaris Gourmet Tortillas? The Pesto & Garlic flavor is so good, like so good you should run out to the grocery store now and find them!! You won’t be dissappointed, I promise :).

Randomness: Can you guys believe it’s Friday already? I honestly feel like this week just started.. not like I’m complaining one bit.   Oh, and did y’all hear about Kristen Stewart Cheating on Robert Pattinson. Seriously, did she not think she’d be caught? Hello sweetie, you are a celebrity… your whole life is public!

Before I go, are y’all super excited for the Summer Olympics to begin? I cannot wait.. let’s just hope they air them on TV here in Kuwait! I wouldn’t see why not, but who knowsss!! **Hope y’all have a GREAT weekend!!**


17 thoughts on “Today Is A Good Day

    • Ha Ha, well I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that would. I feel bad, because we have to ship everything to my husbands work address on base. People must feel like he has some sort of buying problem when every week, or every other week a new package is there to be picked up haha.

  1. Since I live on an island and everything gets to us a week late…no i cannot believe she cheated on Rob..but I did feel like the whole “we dont care about out relationship” thing was fake…we all know she is a girl…no matter how “cool” she plays it and maybe she wanted more…who knows!

    xoxo from Trinidad

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