A new beginning…

Welcome to my new site :). I was orginally using “blogger” with google, until I came across “wordpress”. To me, wordpress has much more to offer. I love that I can customize my page to how I want and be able to add different tabs up top, such as; recipes, races, workouts, etc.. So anyways, let’s get on with today.

I want to thank all of you for the wonderful input ya’ll gave in regards to the shoes. I am happy to say that I picked #2, and they should be here within 5-7 days :). It’s crazy to think, but if someone would of asked me 4 yrs ago what sort of gifts or packages make me happy… fitness items and food definitely wouldn’t of been on my mind. I couldn’t imagine a life without those two. I’m not saying I was ever unhealthy, or unactive growing up, but I’m at such a different level these days. I love the way running makes me feel, and the “high” it gives you, and I love how refreshing eating a bowl of fruit is compared to a candy bar. I will never understand how someone can sit there and complain about being overweight but yet do nothing about it. You hear the same excuses time after time, “Eating healthy is too expensive or I just don’t have enough time in my day”. My heart breaks for those individuals and hope that one day they’ll want to change their way of life. Not only for themselves, but for their family.

Okay before I continue to blab, let’s move on. Guess what guys!! The hubs ended up finding a great deal on a new laptop yesterday. I’m happy to say, we are now proud owners of a brand new Toshiba Computer 🙂 Between new shoes, new computer, and awesome workouts.. this week is turning out to be a great one!

I know it’s WIAW, but unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the eats yesterday. Instead, I’m going to end today with a killer workout for yall to try out.

Repeat for a total of 3x

….also, please bare with me while I continue to customize this lovely blog 🙂 I’m hoping to have a “Workout Log” tab up top before the day is over.

**If you have any other good circuits, I’d love to know!!

**Do you like this layout better than my previous?


68 thoughts on “A new beginning…

  1. YAY!! Welcome to wordpress! I’ve been really happy with it too 🙂
    And congrats on all the other new stuff happening in your life! I have a toshiba and am pretty pleased with that as well. Great circuit- I always love doing the circuits you post – may have to try this one tomorrow after my run.
    Happy Wednesday!

    • I’ve always been a toshiba kind of girl. I never felt the need to spend all that extra $$$ on an apple or anything along those lines. Awe, I’m so glad you are enjoying the circuits. That puts the biggest smile on my face!

  2. I love & use blogger but also have only heard good things about Word Press! Love the new look! That looks like a great circuit too. Congrats on the laptop, new shoes, etc! I’m so with you- I never thought new running shoes or exciting new health foods would excite me but they totally do now!

  3. You’re going to love WordPress, so easy to customize. Although you may find yourself spending more time on it, now that you can customize it. 🙂

  4. That workout looks intense!! But that is exactly what I was looking to do today! I tried self-hosting for a few days and was so completely confused I switched. back until I could figure utmost better haha

  5. I love your new layout! I’m a WordPress fan as well…there are just so many options! And I totally agree with you about how eating healthy truly makes you feel better. Over the past year I’ve put some serious effort into eating healthy more consistent, and I am love life so much more knowing that my insides are taken care of! And that workout looks KILLER! Definitely gonna have to try it. 🙂

  6. I love the new site, Jessie! You definitely made a good call switching to WordPress; you’ll have so many more fun customization options! I spent my first year blogging at Typepad, but am much much happier with WordPress. 🙂

    Congrats on buying a new computer! And let us know what you think of the shoes! ❤

  7. I just found your site! A few years ago I used blogger, but this year switched to wordpress AND having my blog also switched over to self hosing very soon (I hired Zesty Blog Consulting) to do all of it for me..can’t wait!) and I’m so pumped. WordPress definitely is a lot more user friendly! Circuit work out looks fab, too 🙂

    • Was it hard to switch over to self hosting? That’s something I’d love to eventually do, just not to sure if i’m Tech Savy for it haha.

      Thanks girl 🙂 If you try it out, let me know how ya like it. Have a great weekend!

  8. Props for switching to wordpress! Its so easy to use and navigate. And NOMNOMNOM all your eats look DELICIOUS! I’m a smoothie addict, so I’m always on the lookout for new recipes. I can’t wait for the Olympics to start either–I’m sure I’m gonna be watching during all my free time. your workout looks legit–2 hours of walking! Thats amazing! and I totally agree with the jump rope thing–we added it into our dryland training last year and it is HARD! Have an awesome weekend 🙂

  9. I never knew your old blog but I LOVE wordpress. I had been using blogger for a long time. I think wordpress is great for comment replies alone! not to mention all the rest of the stuff you can do. Blogger is great for people that don’t know much about computers and just want to type and hit publish. It definitely has its place but wordpress has so many cool plug in and think you’ll LOVE IT 😀

    • Thank you for your input. So far I am absolutely loving wordpress. I’m not too tech savy, but I know with time it’ll all come together… or so I hope haha 🙂 Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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